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Peace Officers will place calls to the AHTDC number and provide the necessary information regarding the detained individual. After this, the individual being arrested or detained can then speak to Duty Counsel. If Duty Counsel is occupied on another call, a voicemail message can be left.

After Hours Telephone Duty Counsel. If you are human, leave this field blank. NSBS Admission:. Alberta Year of Call. GST Registration Number. Student Lawyer Information Name of Principal. Contact Information Firm Name.

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    During regular business hours, these calls are received by a support staff member who directs them to Staff Lawyers. Outside of regular business hours and on holidays, calls are directed to a different toll-free number and are answered directly by the Duty Counsel Lawyer. Shifts are scheduled for all lawyers on the Roster by a staff person in the Executive Office.

    Roster lawyers invoice the Commission at the end of their shift. Pay rates vary depending upon if the shift is a weekday shift, weekend shift, holiday shift, or special holiday shift. NSLA provides a Telephone Duty Counsel Manual to assist lawyers advising detained individuals on a wide range of criminal and quasi-criminal issues.