Cost to file uncontested divorce in michigan

Before a divorce is granted, the court must find that there has been a breakdown in the marriage relationship to the extent that the parties cannot live together as husband and wife.

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At least one of the parties must appear in court to show that this breakdown exists from Michigan Courts website. Does the Law Library carry separation papers? The Law Library does not carry packets with separation papers, but we do have resources with examples of separation agreements and separate maintenance.

For more information about separate maintenance, stop by the Law Library. How much does it cost to file for divorce? A fee waiver form is available at the Family Court on Gull Road for low-income individuals. Where are divorce forms filed?

Divorce in Michigan – FAQs

Residents must have lived days in Michigan and 10 days in Kalamazoo County in order to file in Kalamazoo County. Are your divorce packets online? No, but MichiganLegalHelp.

You are responsible for completing the forms and making sure they are correct for your purposes. The LSHC is not liable or responsible for any results which occur because of your use of these forms.

How to file for Divorce - Overview

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Orders are processed and mailed via USPS priority mail within 5 business days. Purchase Divorce with Minor Children Packet. Purchase Divorce without Minor Children Packet. Note: The state can start a case on your behalf without a signed Affidavit or Parentage.