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He is expected to share new details about a man who was gunned down in broad daylight while driving on Two Notch Road last Friday. Lexington, SC coladaily.

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QT gas station coming to Lexington, after buildings torn down. The new store will be where three rundown buildings used to be, across from Industrial Drive, according to a Facebook post on the Town of Lexington page. Crash slows traffic on Sunset Boulevard in Lexington. The incident was reported around p. Salley's year-old mayor lost his seat to a write-in candidate by 5 votes.

What happened, and what's next for Salley? CPD seeks year-old man accused of breaking into home, assaulting another man.

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Authorities said Evans is accused of breaking into a home on the block of Hollywood Drive at 2 a. While inside, officials said Evans stole a variety of electronic items and pepper-sprayed a man who came home to find Evans inside. Suspect burglarized a home, pepper-sprayed victim. Jackie Lee Evans, 56, is accused of breaking into a home at the block of Hollywood Drive at approximately 2 a. Freeze watch issued for the Midlands as temps to drop suddenly.

The first round of cold air will push into the area on Friday, but the coldest air of the season is on the way for next week. Blythewood, SC coladaily. New pub, music school coming to Blythewood. Blythewood will soon have a new restaurant and music school headquarters.

Manchester, NH counton2. Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford passes out fake trillion dollar bills to bring attention to record setting deficit. Irmo, SC The State 1h. Voters in Columbia, Irmo were heard loudly and clearly on Election Day In the wake of the recent Election Day results across the Midlands, we have a two-word reply to those who still think that off-year elections stir little voter passion — or that they largely serve to keep those who already hold power in power.

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All homeowners on a Lexington dirt road have to sign a petition to have it paved. Lumberton, NC wspa. Family turns in escaped boy, 13, suspected in NC double murder. AP — A year-old suspect in a double homicide who escaped custody has been returned to authorities. Marshals in Lumberton on Wednesday night. The teen escaped from Juvenile Court around noon Tuesday. Two Notch Road murder was 'assassination,' sheriff says, arrest made. Lott announced the arrests in the death of year-old Joshua Peterson at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

He said the suspects, year-old Aaron Evans and year-old Simeon Miller, were arrested Wednesday. References: 1. My location.

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Get Directions. If you're going to get into the field of law enforcement, you need to talk to anybody, anytime, at any place. I see young officers coming in who are very uncomfortable talking to people and this is a people business. You have to have great communication skills. On the college side, there are some great programs under communications, to become good at it.

If you're a good communicator, no matter what job you do in law enforcement, you're going to be very successful. The May unemployment rate for South Carolina was 5.

Note: Student Reviews are based on the experiences of a few individuals and it is unlikely that you will have similar results. I gained knowledge that currently assists me in doing an effective job and knowledge which will allow me to advance in my career when the opportunity presents itself. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes, but I became frustrated at times because of the prices of books. I am no expert, but I felt many of the textbooks were overpriced.

What's worse is, sometimes a class only needed the text for a chapter or two.

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Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking and Harrassment

However, tuition was affordable, and the campus had a wealth of resources and technological advances to help students with their studies. My professors and instructors were not only patient but knowledgeable as well. They were able to provide pertinent content and job leads.

Many times they worked with me outside of their office hours. The courses were exciting and fun but also packed full of knowledge. We learned a great deal about law enforcement and their tasks and expectations. We also spent time studying the court systems and how they run, as well as different laws and regulations.

I really enjoyed learning about the duties of our law enforcers from the state and federal level.

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I also gained a greater respect for those that work in the active field. We participated in police ride-along programs as well as completed court evaluations. This program does a great job of getting students involved in local fields of criminal justice and allows you to build much needed connects for future careers. The only downsides of this program are the beginning courses.

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They are more on the educational aspect, while specialized classes give you the actual experiences that get you hooked on the learning and get you seeking to learn more. Sarver and Dr. Covington especially contributed to my love of the major.