I am looking forward to your call

Employer: Very well then, we will be in touch.

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  4. I look forward to hear/hearing from you?

I will call you today or tomorrow. If you have anything else to tell me, please let me know. Employer: Hello again. We would really like to have you in our team.

‘I’m looking forward to’ or ‘I look forward to’?

I put a great effort considering your bonus. It was very difficult to change the figure, I really gave my best to change it. So, what do you think? Candidate: I really appreciate your effort.

looking forward for our call

I know you have made a great effort for me. I would like to take a couple of days and then I will give you my final answer. Employer: I would really like you to join us but I cannot go higher than this. I have to agree.

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The first sounds more formal to me while the second is a little bit less formal. They are worded differently.

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