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Step 4: Seek Professional Assistance Several industry professionals who work with electronics regularly can provide assistance in looking for a tracking device in your car. Look up: Alarm system installers Audio system technicians Licensed mechanics specializing in electrical systems Remote start installers Professionals can identify GPS tracking devices that you may have missed.

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Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. Related Questions. Key fob and key don't work Hello. If there is nothing happening when the key FOB is used and if the car will not start then the battery should be tested first. If you don't replace a failing battery, it can keep everything except for the How do I use the power sunroof when my vehicle is turned off?

When you enter your car, you cannot adjust the sunroof without first turning the vehicle on.

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However, after turning the vehicle off, you can continue to operate the power sunroof. If you have the electronic vehicle information center EVIC , then The Charge Warning Light, or Battery Light if you prefer, should turn on and then go off after a few seconds when you first start the engine.

How To Detect Hidden GPS Trackers On Any Vehicle

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How To Detect a GPS Tracking Device on Your Vehicle

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    Request Bernie. Great mechanic! Bernie Arrive in a timely manner. He was very professional and knowledgeable of his work. This is one of the most general places to hide a tracker because it can be quickly and easily removed by the person who attached it in case of suspicion.

    To sure check all four wheels of the vehicle. Check all four wheels, if you find something strange thing that may look like a box, cylinder or something else. Note that, only your breaks should be there behind your wheels.

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    You are also advised to remove the brakes and look into them. You might find a wire going to a sensor here - Also, you are suggested to remove the brakes and have a look into them. It is possible that you find a wire connecting to a sensor but don't touch it. Also, not to miss the spiral-shaped, loaded metal above the wheels. The first place you should be looking for a hidden GPS tracker is the car interior.

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    These ports are usually around or under the dashboard. If you are not assured of the exact location of this port in your car you can head over to Car Manual Guide, where they have a nifty utility which gives the location of OBD ports of a different vehicle, makes and models. Check the undercarriage of the vehicle. Most magnetic or old GPS trackers are attached in the underside of the car. However, since the underside of the car is usually dirty, it may get difficult to discern a tracker easily. So keep your eyes open for anything suspicious.

    Light assemblies have ample spaces behind them to place a tracking device without letting anyone know. Be careful while disassembling so that you do not mess up the wiring. You can take a photograph of the wiring setup before dismantling to make sure you fit everything in place later on. Although areas like under the hood have plenty of spaces to hide a car GPS tracker these places get a weak GPS signal, so it is less likely to find something.

    Still, trackers with strong receivers could be buried in the nook and crannies around the batter, air ducts or radiator. So it's not a bad idea to pop the hood and have a peek inside. Other areas inside the car such as under the seats, behind the glove box, behind headrest, below the spare tire in the trunk are also potential places to hide a tracker.

    Use a flashlight to search these areas. A tracker could also be hardwired to the cars electrical system. So if you find something like a suspicious looking small box attached to the vehicles wiring maybe under the dashboard, make sure it is not some critical component of the, or you might end up removing some crucial car part. We recommend performing a quick online search for the particular component to be on the safer side.

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    To use them, you need to move around the vehicle carrying the detector with you. Other devices may also require the installation of proprietary tracking software. With multiple cars, the process of installing and synchronizing devices with this software could take some time. As you've likely already concluded, US Fleet Tracking devices are simply easier and faster to install than other GPS trackers on the market. With the option to quickly snap a tracker into a car's OBD port and monitor its location activity from a web-based application, we give you the power to implement a tracking program and start analyzing vehicle use in a very short amount of time.

    If you're thinking about getting into fleet tracking to keep an eye on your company's vehicle assets, it's time to invest in a system that's both easy to install and easy to use.